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CMHC Citizens Collaborative

In the spring of 1993, a group of Connecticut citizens came together to form the CMHC Foundation.  These founding members were concerned about decreased funding and the increasing need for excellent behavioral health services that would help people in mental health and addictions recovery bridge the gap between institutional care and healthy and meaningful lives in the community. The CMHC Foundation was incorporated on October 23, 1993, as a private non-profit 501(c)(3) supporting organization for CMHC.  Today it boasts an active and engaged board of trustees who provide strategic guidance, fund-raising support, and access to new collaborations that enrich the lives of people in recovery and enhance the cutting edge work of the staff and faculty throughout the CMHC system of care. 

CMHC Citizens Collaborative


Core purpose

The core purpose of the CMHC Foundation is to support and improve the Connecticut Mental Health Center by engaging in charitable activities that enrich the center’s commitment to excellence in CARE, RESEARCH, and EDUCATION.  Because partnership is at the heart of CMHC, we believe that GIVING, CREATING, and EDUCATING in PARTNERSHIP is the foundation for recovery in our community.

GIVING…we give people in recovery the resources they need to sustain healthy and meaningful lives in the community; and we strive to cultivate a spirit of charitable giving and service.

CREATING…we make grants and sponsor innovative academic endeavors and unique projects that improve the lives of people in recovery while advancing our understanding and practice of community and public psychiatry.

EDUCATING…we raise awareness about mental health and addictions recovery and the resources that CMHC and its partners provide in our community.

CMHC Foundation Brochure

CMHC Citizens Collaborative  

Giving to the CMHC Foundation

The CMHC Foundation offers many ways to give throughout the year and to make planned gifts that will provide ongoing support year after year.

  • The Annual Appeal, mailed in the Fall, provides direct support.
  • Grants from foundations and corporations.
  • Direct, unsolicited contributions from philanthropic individuals and organizations.
  • Special events & public programs, produced with the leadership and support of board members and community volunteers.
  • Bequests from estates or trusts.
  • Memorial gifts in honor of special individuals or comemmorative occasions.

The CMHC Foundation is pleased to work with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to manage its investment assets.  The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, established in 1928, is among the oldest and largest of more than 825 community foundations in the United States and remains the largest grantmaker in a region of twenty-towns located in the heart of central Connecticut.

Please contact Director Kyle Pedersen for more information or to plan your gift:  203-974-7089 or

Architect's rendering of CMHC from the corner of South and Park Streets.


Our Partners

We are dedicated to forging new and extraordinary partnerships with individuals and organizations to work together to build healthy lives and communities. We partner with:

  • Individual Donors
  • For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Businesses
  • Health Industry Organizations and Foundations
  • Social Service Organizations
  • Artists & Arts Organizations
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • Community Volunteers
  • Civic and Governmental Organizations
  • Academic Institutions & Programs








The CMHC Foundation was born at a moment of serendipity. In the early 1990's as members of the Center's Advisory Board sought to establish a supporting organization for the Center, an energetic CMHC staff member expressed interest in raising funds to support the transition of clients from inpatient settings to the community. Shortly thereafter, the Center received a generous bequest from an individual who left the bulk of his estate to CMHC.

From the start, donors have been very generous and the Foundation's impact has exceeded expectations. In addition to providing much needed direct financial assistance to those served by CMHC, the Foundation has also recognized and acted on opportunities to foster innovative, recovery-oreinted programs that would not otherwise have been possible. The Foundation has sponsored programs in peer support, arts and creative expression, physical fitness, equine and pet therapy, yoga, financial health, and healthy food and nutrition.

Twenty years since that serendipitous beginning, the CMHC Foundation is stronger than ever. Both at CMHC and in the community, there is renewed energy and an abiding commitment to the Foundation and the people it serves. Thank you for doing your part so we can do ours.

Robert Cole, MHSA

Chief Operating Officer, CMHC















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